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Optional Services

In2GuideTM offers optional services for efficient workflows and increased productivity, allowing practitioners to focus on patients and growing their customer base.

Data Merge

For practitioners who want to focus on just the surgery planning, this is the service for you. Use our Data Merge service to have our skilled technicians merge the data. Our Data Merge service is also recommended on cases that have a lot of scatter which may be difficult to merge.

3D Scan

For practices without a 3D scanner, we offer 3D scanning services. Simply mail in the patient’s stone model and have it scanned by our lab technicians.

Digital Wax-Up Service

Use our Digital Wax-Up Service to achieve aesthetically driven implant surgery results. Please provide the upper, lower, and occlusion scan (or stone model) and our expert technicians will create a digital wax-up based on your planning.