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Easy and simple surgical kits

In2GuideTM Universal and Basic kits are exclusive
surgery kits for guided implant surgery.

In2GuideTM Universal Kit and
In2GuideTM Basic Kit

In2GuideTM Universal and Basic kits are exclusive surgery kits for guided implant surgery. With In2GuideTM Universal Kit and In2GuideTM Surgical Template, the entire surgery process can be done from drilling and implant placement to mounting and immediate loading.

In2GuideTM Universal kit is a 44 piece surgery kit, specifically designed for In2GuideTM surgical templates. Perform full sequence drilling with depth control for all straight-type implants.

In2GuideTM Basic kit is a 7 piece surgery kit for Ø2.0 pilot drilling with depth control.

Features that make it simple

In general, surgical template is a splint shape with drilling guide pins called sleeves. The sleeves decide the drilling angle and depth.

Color-coded sleeves and drills
In2GuideTM Universal kit provides 3 drills with different lengths to support every case from front teeth to molar teeth.

Color-coded drilling scheme simplifies surgery and prevents accidents. Based on the surgical planning, with placed positions and parameters of implants, the guiding sleeves are positioned and color-coded to control the depth of drilling. Surgeons only need to select corresponding color-coded drills.

Simple and convenient feature

In2GuideTM Universal kit drills are equipped with auto-stoppers and the drilling depth is controlled by the sleeve height. Distance from bone level to top position of sleeve is decided by the following formula.

Ls = 21.0mm (const.) - (Lf + 1)(For 21mm Yellow drill)

This depth control mechanism makes is much more convenient as a "stopper" is not required to control drilling length.

Drilling depth is set according to fixture length.

Drill length is determined based on the implant fixture. In2GuideTM will automatically adjust the position of the sleeves and the guide is fabricated accordingly.

Each drill is color coded, and used at a site with the matching sleeve color, allowing for precision depth control delivered through the surgical template and eliminating the need for stoppers.